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We proactively emphasize the efficiency of our daily tasks, to ensure every single dollar finds its piece to the puzzle. One of our strongest attributes, is being organized for success to any task we take under our wings and ensure the constant flow of ideas, that let us preserve immaculate record in getting projects done on time, on budget and with highest market driven quality. Our 6000 square foot warehouse and office facility is a one stop shop for all needs to our trade. Our shelves or stocked with the "Minimum of A-lot", to ensure the variety of problem solving ingredients to any given time of day, when they may occur. We have tools and equipment to ensure our readiness providing best and safe service to any demanding environment. Our in-house training program for our trainees and experienced personnel provides knowledge and education all year long with codes, theories and applied solutions. Our classroom can seat up to 20 students and is equipped with interactive means to give students better tools to progress their knowledge and get to the next level. Our lab and hands on training boards helps them understand the covered concepts before being applied in field.


Our Business Motto is "Hard Work Pays Off". We committed ourselves to work day and night, with all means at hand, with only one "thing" in mind - You, our Customer! We believe in a "returning customer" policy, not a "one time job", therefore we work hard not only to offer you the best service, but also aggressive pricing and flexible solutions. We offer design engineering to any project to save you money and we make sure our overhead is at bare minimum with our in-field and off-site calculations, to find savings in everything we do without jeopardizing safety and integrity of our installation. Contact us today for more information how to help you project with ITC - Individuals That Cares.

Our professional experience and expertise is designed to bring the idea to the customer by understanding his needs and demands. We understand the busy schedule any business is running on in order to grow and expand, therefore we are here to make sure on electrical, communication, life safety and automation end, by having us involved in your projects, you won't need to worry about down times and preventable electrical problems while operating your business. ITC's main concept is to be inspired by new technologies that creates an easy and comprehensive solution to your facility's needs. Not only we are seeking the new trends, but we are here to make sure it will fit your budget and save you money along the way. With professional tools and knowledgeable  staff, who is devoted to every task we are being challenged with, we are not only a reliable vendor, but also a loyal and trustworthy asset to your operations. We are constantly gathering data in every facility we work for to make sure everything electrically is up to date, therefore helping the facility management to store that information for their convenience. Covering every corner with our multitasking skills, we are giving you everything above and beyond of what you expect from us.


Inspired Technology Concepts, Inc. was established with one thing in mind; to bring the industry to the whole new level. Our commitment, along with our entire staff, is to ensure the tradesmenship progression within our team is at the highest professional level,  with new trends and technologies that are being constantly enacted in our daily operations, from project to project basis. ITC, inc. is not only licensed in the entire Chicagoland, but also certified in all aspects of our services and products we are offering to our clients. Our staff members are graduates and certified journeymen to bring you knowledge and expertise of professional tradesmen, including safe and professional workmanship. 


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