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We can fix any related problem by applying our knowledge and expertise, or simply correct issues by applying voltage regulators, drives and more to get you back in business.

Our periodical testing could include:

- Power analysis and power study to ensure energy savings, check for sags, swells, flicker, harmonics and more,

- Thermal imaging to detect excessive temperatures in your wiring infrastructure, local panels and equipment,

- Vibration testing on motor, shafts and gear boxes to prevent motors and engines from early failures,

- Detection of voltage drops, near continuous voltage drops and excessive loads,

- Checking for voltage fluctuation in electrical grid, generator equipment,

- Current Carrying Capacity, Current Cycling,
- Current Overload,
- Insulation Resistance and Probe Test,

- Underground location and tracing,

- And more.

Your common causes of electrical failure are heat and arcing. In many cases they may not be directly related to direct human error but lack of periodically applying torque on your termination point either at the source or the equipment itself. We have a capacity to check the vibration levels on your motorized equipment with vibration tester and make sure whether alignments are correct, which may not only be a main caused of electrical failure, but also a reason your electrical bill is high.

Inspired Technology Concepts Inc. principal policy is to make sure your operations are not interfered by human error, utility company or simply lack of maintenance. By providing comprehensive power study and analysis, infrared testing and more, we could identify the problem and provide you with possible solutions suitable for your budget and needs. By using new technologies and professional testing equipment,, maintaining your facility was never easier and more affordable.  

Every piece of equipment operates on one principle; its uniqueness to serve the purpose. Just like your car; the way you maintain it defines its life and efficiency to get you to the destination safe and on time. Shutdowns and downtimes are extremely dangerous to your productivity and in most cases is being caused by a preventable errors. Most likely an incident or an accident may occur, which in many cases can lead to lawsuits and irreversible financial impact to your company.

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testing and calibration = preventive maintenance